Coordination of Cross-Border Litigation

Cases with an international element frequently involve a multiplicity of proceedings progressing simultaneously before Courts, Tribunals, government agencies in different countries. Efficiently managing such disputes requires a legal team that has a broad understanding and experience in handling litigation in different jurisdictions, appreciating the aspects of International or EU Law that have an impact on the case whilst at the same time utilizing local teams of lawyers who have a global perspective.


Our firm (through its Director Christos Konstantinou) has actively coordinated judicial and extrajudicial action with teams of lawyers from Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Lyon, Hong-Kong, Tokyo, Washington, New York, Geneva, Moscow, Chisinau, Bucharest, Kiev, Athens, BVI, Dominican Republic, Dubai in the context of cases relating to commercial litigation, money laundering, commercial fraud, international libel claims, raider attacks, asset freezing and tracing, Interpol matters, extradition, mergers and acquisition of assets with the relevant sums ranging from a few million USD/EUR to several billion.

We have also advised a number of international institutions including German and Russian banks in relation to cases with a foreign element and have coordinated team efforts.

Our key benefit lies in our creativity in the handling of international disputes and the ability to have teams of lawyers even in the most remote jurisdictions initiate action or defence in a matter of hours from the moment we receive instructions. In international disputes we have cooperated with partners and teams from Top 10 firms in the world, and Magic Circle firms in the UK who are willing and able to work through us for the benefit of our clients immediately on the day they are instructed.

In coordinating such disputes, we actively participate by instructing and overseeing the work of our international partners whilst at the same time participating in strategy sessions and occasionally in international hearings as foreign counsel.