Corporate Services Worldwide

Our Corporate Department is reputed for its experience, professionalism and expertise within the services sector. Our team of professionals provides an extensive list of services including registering International Business Companies (IBC) as well as providing assistance and advice concerning the registration of companies and other entities across the world.

Our Corporate Department also guides and assists clients who wish to establish a company in any jurisdiction they want throughout the world. Our team of professionals handles numerous companies and ensures complete confidentiality concerning the operations of each company.

Our past performance reveals the quality of services we provide. Our firm has assisted innumerable companies promote and expand their businesses across the world by using and applying the benefits individual countries offer. We are eager and willing to assist and guide you as well.

Several Countries we set up Business Structures:

EUROPE: Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey, Luxemburg, Madeira, Liechtenstein, Malta, The Netherlands.

ASIA: Singapore

AFRICA: South Africa, Tanzania, Seychelles.

CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA: British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Anguilla, Belize, Bahamas, Bermuda, Delaware, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Panama, The Netherlands Antilles, Nevis, Uruguay.

MIDDLE EAST: Lebanon, Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai RAK Offshore, Lebanon, Dubai.

FAR EAST: Hong Kong, Australia, Samoa, Mauritius.

Our Corporate Services include:

  • Planning & Organizing the Annual General Meeting;
  • Payroll Services;
  • Bookkeeping Services;
  • Accounting Services;
  • Nominee Services;
  • Corporate Governance matters;
  • Translations, Notarization, Sending & Filing of Documents;
  • Corporate Management Services;
  • Domiciliation Services;
  • Statutory Filings;
  • Administrative Systems (ensuring the proficient operation of the business;
  • Board of Directors Minutes Meetings;
  • All Subsidiary Services (such as secretarial services, maintenance of statutory records & books, registered business address, registered office, nominee directors, nominee services etc.).