Register a Company in Cyprus

Our Firm can assist you with the registration of your Cyprus Company. Our promise is to deliver your company in due course without any delays and in competitive prices. We are able to incorporate a new company through Registrar’s electronic system, saving in that way time, so you can start your business immediately.

Regarding the formation of a Cyprus Company, the Cyprus Companies Law provides for a minimum of one share and at least one registered shareholder for private limited liability companies. It is customary to have an authorized share capital of €1,000 and an issued share capital of €1,000. Nominee shareholders are allowed and widely used and the ultimate beneficiary owner is not appearing in any public record. A foreign corporate or individual shareholder is also permitted.

As regards the directorship, at least one Director and one Secretary, individuals or corporate entities, must be appointed. A foreign director is permitted, however it is advisable to appoint Cypriot individuals or corporate entities, in order to have effective management and control in Cyprus and benefits the tax advantages. Moreover, the registered office of the company must be in Cyprus. The registered office address is the official address of the company where the statutory books, registers, and the seal of the company should be kept. C. Argyrou & Associates L.L.C. can provide both the registered office and company secretary.