Ready-made Cyprus Shelf Companies

Our law firm understands our clients’ and prospective clients’ needs, to have a Cyprus company ready to be delivered the same time to them. Our law firm policy is to always have incorporated companies – dormant companies – available to be transferred to our clients. Our promise is to deliver to your company the same day, so you can start your company immediately.

Our Cyprus shelf companies are formed with general objectives, in order to be able to conduct any nature of business.

We also maintain a list of pre-approved Cyprus Company names, in case you wish to incorporate a new Cyprus Company and you do not wish to waste any time for getting the company name being approved. With pre-approved company names, you select a name of your preference from our pre-approved name list so that you do not have to apply for name approval, which usually takes 2 working days to be approved. With the approved company name you may then apply for a new company incorporation, which usually takes 7-10 working days.