Company Domiciliary Services

Wherever you may be located around the globe, your business can function without the need to pay costly office space or employees in order to establish a corporate presence. Virtual Office provides the services and infrastructure to run your business professionally at a minimal cost. Our Firm offers a full domiciliary package for your company, either Cyprus or Foreign.
Our Domiciliary Services include the provision of registered office, fax and telephone line, e-mail & flat mail pushing.

Company Re-Domiciliation Services

Further our Firm can assist you to re-domicile your company, in order to take advantage, the tax laws of Cyprus and/or to enter into Cyprus capital market. Through the Company re-domiciliation process a company may shift its domicile from one jurisdiction to another by changing the country under whose laws it is registered, without losing its corporate identity

The Cyprus Companies Law, in 2006 introduced the new legislative regime in respect of company re-domiciliation by which foreign companies, if eligible to do so, can be re-domiciled in Cyprus and also Cypriot Companies can be re-domiciled abroad.

A foreign company which is registered in a jurisdiction which allows re-domiciliation and the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association provide the authority to do so, the Company may apply to the Registrar of Cyprus Companies in order to be registered in Cyprus as a continuing company pursuant to the provisions of the Cyprus Company Law.