Are you considering obtaining a citizenship or second passport?

We help and guide wealthy clientele and High-Net-Worth-Investors (HNWI) concerning citizenship, immigration, residency as well as second passports received via the Immigrant Investor Programs (IIP) and Citizenship by Investment (CIP) across Europe, the Caribbean and North America.

Our firm evaluates and analyses the requirements and needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) who seek to obtain foreign citizenship and/or residency. By cooperating with immigration advisors and authorities across the world, our firm offers clients support, guidance and advice concerning the existing programs as well as tailored solutions according to our clients needs. Whether a client’s priority is to find a safe jurisdiction to raise a family, set up a business or travel easily, Argyrou & Konstantinou LLC. provides assistance by presenting the best options according to each client’s individual needs.

Citizenship by Investment Programs

The Citizenship by Investment Programs provide applicants and their families with a citizenship through naturalization. The majority of programs allow applicants to hold a dual citizenship. In this way, applicants benefit from the advantages provided by both their original citizenship and their new citizenship.

Residency by Investment Programs

The Residency by Investment Programs provide applicants with conditional, temporary and permanent residency. The majority of programs provide applicants and their families with a citizenship in accordance to the residency conditions set by individual jurisdictions.



Those considering to apply for a passport or residency under the IIP should consider the following features:

  • The amount of investment needed;
  • The time needed for the applicant to be considered eligible for a citizenship;
  • The number of days an applicant is required to be physically present in a country (if any);
  • Whether citizenship is also granted to the applicant’s spouse as well as dependents;
  • Whether the recommended or current country does not allow dual citizenship;
  • If the passport issued by the recommended country also grants free entry visa to multiple other countries as well;
  • If the recommended country inflicts any requirements linked to management, work experience or education;
  • If the recommended country imposes any requirements involving military service or any other services;
  • The cost of living of the recommended country;
  • The tax rates of the recommended country;
  • The tax incidence of the recommended country;
  • If the applicant’s present country inflicts an exit tax or any other form of penalty.