Austria Citizenship By Investment Programme

Austria provides one of the highest living standards across the world. Even though Austria is one of the smallest European countries, its capital city, Vienna, is one of the most elite in the world renowned for its rich history and culture. Austria is also reputed for its breathtaking countryside with its Alpine peaks and impressive landscapes and scenery.

Austria is considered one of the top jurisdictions for residency within Europe. Besides Slovakia, Austria is the only European country that offers citizenship and passports to investors based on investment without having to reside within the country in advance.  The population of Austria amounts to 8.4 million and is mainly made up of Germans and Austro-Bavarians. The main languages spoken in Austria are German and Austro-German. The currency used in the country is the Euro ($1.00 = 0.88 €), similar to the whole of Europe.

Austria Citizenship By Investment

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  • Austrian citizens can reside and work in Austria as well as anywhere else across Europe at any given time.
  • EU citizens can choose to reside in Switzerland, known as a tax-advantaged jurisdiction.
  • Individuals are not subject to tax in Austria except if they reside there.
  • Austrian passport is highly reputed across the world. The Austrian passport offers visa-free travelling to many countries including the USA.
  • Once an individual is granted a Austrian Citizenship under the Austrian Citizenship Act, he/she is granted the full citizenship for life. The citizenship is also passed down to future generations.

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