Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme

Even though the small-sized Mediterranean island is home to only 423,282 people, of which the majority are both Maltese and English, Malta is renowned for its rich culture and history as well as ancient landmarks. In spite of the island’s 160-year British rule, it is a Roman Catholic country. The main languages spoken on the island are English, Maltese and Italian.

Malta is strategically found in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, between Africa and Europe. Malta is well known for its stunning weather, high standard of living as well as family-friendly and safe environment.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme

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  • Individuals who hold a Maltese citizenship are entitled to work, live and study in any country in Europe as well as Switzerland.
  • A citizenship holder may travel without a visa to approximately 166 countries including the USA, Canada and Europe.
  • The citizenship procedure is efficient and reliable.
  • The island’s attractive location is great to live or own a second home.
  • Individuals are subject to incredibly low income tax.
  • Individuals are not subject to capital gains and inheritance taxes.
  • Malta is a reputed jurisdiction for setting up low-tax companies.
  • Malta’s banking sector is excellent.
  • Applicant may keep a dual citizenship if they choose to.
  • Citizenship are granted for a lifetime.
  • Once the applicant is granted a Malta citizenship, he/she is entitled to live and work in the country forever.

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