Legal Representation & Litigation Services



Argyrou & Konstantinou L.L.C. has an active civil litigation practice, covering the full spectrum of conflicts and legal issues. We handle all aspects of litigation work, from the initial filing of a summons to the ultimate trying of the case or the filing/defending an appeal, and all the applications and preparation required at the interim stage.


We appear before Courts throughout Cyprus and alternative dispute resolution tribunals. Beyond domestic courts, we coordinate with associates we have throughout the world, to obtain legal representation for our clients in other jurisdictions and to defend their interests in international disputes.

We also represent clients in administrative proceedings and investigations before regulatory agencies, the Inland Revenue and others.

Our legal team works closely with clients at all stages of litigation to develop cost-effective litigation strategies. We also advice clients in settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation, and develop strategies to help our clients avoid future litigation.