Cyprus International Trusts

Our law firm creates and administers trusts in Cyprus in accordance to the International Trusts (Amending) Law 2011 as well as in multiple other jurisdictions based on the relevant legislation.

Our law firm provides expert trustee services to High Net Worth Individuals as well as multinational corporations that participate in the stock exchange. Trust assets include shares, bank deposits, cash, real estate as well as various other tangible and intangible properties.

We also provide proficient trustees to perform as trustees for diverse kinds of trusts.

The clientele of our law firm consists of individuals as well as multinational corporations that establish trusts for diverse reasons such as inheritance or tax planning and asset protection.

Through our many years in the field, our skilled team of trustees, lawyers, tax advisors and trust administrators have assisted and guided our clients by identifying their estate planning requirements and administering their trusts. Our law firm provides complete, comprehensive and professional services.

Cyprus International Trust offers an array of significant benefits including asset protection, no income and capital taxes as well as access to an extensive double tax treaty network.