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Wills are an essential element in estate planning and, without one, the provisions of the legislation determine how your estate is distributed. Argyrou & Konstantinou LLC. can assist you to avoid leaving your dependants with numerous problems, including tax burdens.

We will draw up your will and ensure that you fully understand the draft and appreciate the legal consequences, advise you on your wealth portfolio and make arrangements for the signing of the will and for its safe-keeping, either at our offices or by filing it with the court.

We will also take the necessary steps in the administration of your estate. We will ascertain the assets and liabilities and deal with all the tax implications, preparing all necessary forms and documents that need to be filed with the Inland Revenue.

With suitable tax planning, the tax liabilities that will burden the estate may be minimized. Moreover, we can advise on any disputes between beneficiaries or claims against the estate, and vigorously defend such claims in court if it becomes necessary.